Evryware Game Studio

Dave Murry

Technical Director, Co-Founder

Dave started life as an electrical engineer but soon began writing games for the early CP/M computers. He then wrote a game (along with his brother Barry) for the newly released IBM PC that ultimately became Sierra Championship Boxing. Several other games followed including the Manhunter series published by Sierra and the Ancient Art of War series published by Broderbund and MicroProse. SpaceKids (MicroProse) and SpaceDude (Formgen) followed. The self published Pyrosaurus was released in 1996. It was one of the first on-line graphic games and pushed the technology on server – client based games. Dave has worked on several non-game internet related projects in the ensuing years but has stayed current with game technology. Dave has experience in C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP and database programming as well as game design, graphics and game project management.

Dee Dee Murry

Lead Artist

Dee Dee is a national award winning wildlife artist and has served as Lead Artist on the Evryware team since 1984. She has worked on the Ancient Art of War series as well as the Manhunter series, Space Dude and Spacekids.

Mike Murry

Creative Director, Project Manager

Mike joined the team during the development of Evryware's Spacekids project in 1994 after many years of exploring game design. He earned his degree in architecture and is now applying his understanding of the built environment to create unique, vibrant designs (both physical and virtual).

Matt Murry

Environmental Programmer

Matt is an avid gamer and mod maker. Beta testing Evryware games since before he could walk, he brings his knowledge of game theory, shaders, and scripting to the table.

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