Evryware Game Studio

Pyrosaurus Screen Pyrosaurus 1997 Design and train your own team of dinosaurs and then fight over player's creations over the internet.
Space Dude Screen Space Dude 1996 Fight off King Dorf and his Hopper army while protecting Golden City with just your wits and your hover board.
Space Kids Screen Space Kids 1994 Help a brother and sister team rescue their grandfather who left their home on the moon to discover the brave new world on the planet Earth!
The Ancient Art of War in the Skies Screen The Ancient Art
of War in the Skies
1992 The third title in the historical strategy simulator, this Ancient Art of War title takes to the skies in World War I aircraft.
Manhunter: San Francisco Screens Manhunter:
San Francisco
1989 The alien invasion continues in San Francisco where the Orbs have begun mutating the local population.
Manhunter: New York Screen Manhunter:
New York
1988 Work for the alien Orb Alliance while secretly plotting against them to free humanity in this groundbreaking adventure.
The Ancient Art of War at Sea Screen The Ancient Art
of War at Sea
1987 Move from the land to the oceans as you choose your opponents from history's greatest naval commanders.
The Ancient Art of War Screen The Ancient Art
of War
1984 Based upon the teachings of Sun Tzu, fight against history's greatest war masterminds in this real-time strategy game.
Sierra Championship Boxing Screen Sierra Championship Boxing 1983 Design your own boxer and have them fight in the ring versus your friends or the computer.
Screenshot of early 1980 Evryware title. CP/M Games 1980-1982 Several games designed for early CP/M and Heathkit computers.

Q. What has the team been doing since 1997?

A. The team continued in their tradition of exploring new media and decided to take a break from games to explore the possibilities of the World Wide Web. Shortly after the release of Pyrosaurus, the team started a web design firm which is still in existance today. Soon after that the team took on the recording industry by creating an independent record label which connects artists directly with their listeners.

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