Evryware Game Studio
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Main Screen Controls

Creating the Terrain


To create the terrain, select one of the terrain pieces then click in the play area where you want to change the terrain. You can also hold the left mouse button down and drag to "paint" the terrain. If you try to change the terrain under a squad or other item, you will select that item rather than change the terrain. Hold the space key down while clicking to change the terrain under an item.

The bridge, village, City and Castle cannot be placed outside of the red border. This ensures that these pieces will be seen on all devices.

You can refine your terrain with corner pieces. Click on the Squares/Corners button to change between modes. The Village, City and Castle pieces do not have corners.

Each terrain type has unique characteristics:

During the game, foe squads are hidden when in forest and cities. This can make testing your mission difficult. You can show all hidden squads by pressing "u" during the game. This key only works for the PC version of the game.

Adding Squads


Add squads by selecting a type of squad then click in the play area to place the squad. Click on a squad in the play area to change its parameters, move it or delete it.

Adding Objects


Select "Flag" to add flags, crowns, gold and invisible objects to the play area. Click on a object to change its type and parameters.

Squads, flags and other objects cannot be placed outside of the red border.