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Squad AI

You can determine foe squad behavior during the game with the Settings, Items and Foe Squad panels.

Some examples of settings for various squad behaviors:

Patrol between two (or more) locations - Place items of the same type at the two locations (this would be a good use for the invisible numbered items). In the panel for that squad, set its goal to that item type. You can create more complex patrol patterns by adding more goals of the same type. Just make sure that each new goal is closer than the last goal as the squad will go to the nearest goal when it reaches a goal.

Guard a location - Place an item at that location then set the squad's goal to that item. When the squad sees a player squad, it may leave the goal to fight the squad (determined by the squad's Site and Aggressive settings) then return to the goal.

Guard or travel with another squad - Attach an item to the other squad (in that squad's panel) then set that item as this squad's goal.

Go to an item then take that item to another location - Place the item on the play area. Place another item of the same type where you want the squad to go. In the first items panel, set it to Mobile. In that squad's panel, set the goal to that item's type.

Other Tips: