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Settings Panel


This panel specifies general game settings:

Author - The name that this mission will be credited to. This could be your name or a pseudo name. This name will be displayed under the title when the intro text is displayed.

Password - A password will prevent others from modifying your mission. Do not use a password if you plan on submitting this mission to us.

Sort Order - Missions in campaigns are listed in alphabetical order by default. The Sort Order can be used to arrange them in a different order. Lowest numbered campaigns are listed first. Use only numbers between 0 and 99.

Skill - The difficulity of this mission. This setting does not change the mission in any way. It just gives the player an idea of how hard the game is.

Mission Lock - This button toggles between unlocked an locked. A locked mission must be unlocked by winning another mission before it can be played.

Mountain Danger - Determines the rate that a squad will lose men when crossing mountains. A minimum setting will result in no losses. A maximum setting will cause high loses when crossing mountains.

Water Danger - Determines the rate that a squad will lose men when crossing water or swamp. A minimum setting will result in no losses. A maximum setting will cause high losses when crossing water.

Recuperation - The speed that a squad's condition will increase when resting in a village, city or castle.  If set to zero, squads will gain condition at the same rate as if they were outside the village or city. If set to 100, condition will increase fast.

Recruits - Sets the rate that men are added to squads in castles. Men will be added rarely at the minimum setting.

Player Sight - Adjusts the distance that player squads and spys can see. A red circle is drawn around three player squads on the play area to show the site distance. The red circle shows the average distance that the squad can see on a mix of field and forest. In the game, squad sight is less if surrounded by forest and more when the squad is on a hill or mountain.  You can drag this panel to better see the circles.  In the game, any part of the player area not in sight of a player squad will be covered. It is a good idea to test your mission with Player Sight set to maximum so that you can see how the foe squads move then adjust the setting after all your testing is done.

Player Minimum - This sets the number of total men in the player's squads that the player must have to continue playing. The player loses the game if the total number of men fall below this amount.

Castle Limit - The maximum number of men that each castle can supply.

Player Endgame - Specifies the conditions when the player will win the game. The first item (shown as a crown in the top image) is the goal. The second item (shown as a red flag in the top image) is the destination. The third item is the Capture/Capture and Hold button. Various combinations of these settings result in a variety of endgame conditions. Some examples:

Foe Endgame - Works the same way as Player Endgame. In the above example, the Goal is the green flag. The Destination is None and the Modifier is Capture so the foe must capture the green flag to win. If a destination was specified then the squad that captured the green flag would have to take it to the destination to win. If the green flag is not mobile (specified in the Items panel) then one squad would capture the green flag then another squad would go to the destination to win. If "Capture" is changed to "Capture and Hold" then the green flag must still be in the possession of the foe squad when the other foe squad reached the destination to win.

Win Unlock - Specifies the mission that should be unlocked when this game is won. The mission to unlock must be in the same campaign as this mission.