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Select the campaign then enter the mission name.

All missions must be saved in an existing campaign. A campaign is a directory (folder) in the same directory as The Ancient Art of War. You can create the campaign directory with windows explorer. The campaign directory name should be descriptive but no longer than 22 characters. Each mission in a campaign is a file with a .aaw extension in the campaign directory. A directory is not considered a campaign directory until it has at least one mission file in it. When you are creating the first mission for a campaign, save the mission in an existing campaign then move it to the new campaign directory with windows explorer.

Use Windows Explorer to change the name of a mission or move the mission to a different campaign. Mission names should be less than 22 characters.

You will notice that many existing campaigns have two versions. The second version of each campaign has a "1" at the end of the name. The "1" campaigns are played when Sun Tzu is selected as the opponent. The campaigns without the "1" are for Crazy Ivan.