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Revenue Sharing Program

If you create a good mission, send it to us. If we include your mission in one of our mission packs, we will give you 50% of the revenue generated by your mission's share of the sales. We pay quarterly.

We are looking for any kind of mission including:

We are not looking for:

You should play all available missions before making your own so that you are aware of what is already available.

Do not add a password to any missions that you send us.

You can send campaigns of one or more missions by using the Upload button. It is important that you enter an accurate email address in the upload form so that we can contact you. You can also send single missions attached to an e-mail to mission@evryware.com.  Include your full name and a brief description of how to win the campaign in the e-mail.

If we reject your submission, you will receive a short explanation of why.

Things to keep in mind when creating missions