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Mission Editor for The Ancient Art of War 2

You can download the editor here

Use this editor to create missions for The Ancient Art of War 2. You can give your creations to your friends or submit them to us for possible inclusion in a expansion pack. We will share any revenues from sales of the expansion pack with you. More info on our revenue sharing program

Before You Begin

You should have a through understanding of The Ancient Art of War before using this editor. Read The Ancient Art of War 2 Game Manual

The missions that you create need to be part of a campaign before they can be played. A campaign is a directory (folder) in the same directory as The Ancient Art of War. You can create the campaign directory with windows explorer. The campaign directory name should be descriptive but no longer than 20 characters. Each mission in a campaign is a file with a .aaw extension in the campaign directory. A directory is not considered a campaign directory until it has at least one mission file in it. When you are creating the first mission for a campaign, save the mission in an existing campaign then move it to the new campaign directory with windows explorer.

Start the Editor

To start the editor, open "AAoW Editor" in your Ancient Art of War install folder (available on Windows PC only).

You will have two options when you start the editor:

Things to keep in mind when creating missions

Contact us at support@evryware.com if you have any questions about using this editor.