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Friend Squad Panel

To place a friendly squad on the map, click on the Friendly Squad icon at the bottom of the screen then click on the map where you want to place the squad. Hold the space key down while clicking to place the squad near another squad or other piece. The following panel will appear after placing the squad.


Men - The number of men in the squad. A squad can have up to 25 men. The squad icon's size will change to reflect the number of men in the squad.

Condition - The squad's initial condition. The lower the value, the sooner the squad will become tired.

Attach - An item can be attached to the squad. The squad will carry the item until it is captured by an foe squad.  Click on the item to rotate through the selections.  Items are used to indicate goals and end game conditions. More Info

Squad/Spy - Changes this squad to a spy. Spys are represented by an eye. In the game, spys cannot be seen (by either side) cannot fight and cannot move. The only purpose of a spy is that the area around the spy will be visible at all times. Spys have half the sight range as squads.

Delete - Deletes this squad

Move - To move a squad, click the Move button then click on the new position on the play area.