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Items can be placed on the play area and be used as goals for friend or foe squads and as end game conditions. The items include four colored flags, crown, gold and six invisible flags. How to use items to control foe squads

To add an item to the play area, click the red flag button then click where you want to place it in the play area. If you try to place an item on a squad you will select the squad rather than placing the item. Prevent this by holding the space key down while clicking to place the item.

Instead, place the item near the squad then move the item to where you want it to go. You can also attach items to squads. See Friend Squad and Foe Squad.

To change, delete or move an existing item, click on it to bring up the Items Panel.

Click on one of the item types to change the item. The numbers create items that will be invisible in the game. Invisible items are used to control foe squad movements or to create goals where the location of the goal is obvious. For example, if the goal is a castle and there is only one castle then you can place an invisible item in the castle and tell the player that his goal is to capture the castle.

Stationary/Mobile - This toggle button determines how this item is used in the game. If stationary, it can't be moved. If mobile, it will become attached to the first squad that captures it.  If another squad defeats the squad with the item, the item will transfer to the other squad.

Delete - Deletes this item

Move - To move an item, click the Move button then click on the new position on the play area.