Evryware Game Studio

Mission Editor

A mission editor is available at no cost to let you create your own missions. The editor is currently only available for Windows PCs.

If you create a good mission, send it to us. We have a revenue sharing program. If we include your mission in one of our mission packs, we will give you 50% of the revenue generated by your mission's share of the sales. We pay quarterly.

We are looking for any kind of mission including:

We are not looking for:

Use the Upload button in the editor to send your missions and campaigns to us or you can send single missions attached to an e-mail to mission@evryware.com. If you are sending more than one mission, zip them first. Include your full name in the message.

If we reject your submission, you will receive a short explanation of why.

The editor download includes the PC version of the game.

Download the Editor Editor Manual